Saturday, February 23, 2019

About Those Stories On The Mueller Report

Last week's feverish speculation that the report on Russia's interference in the 2016 elections would be released next week proved to be false. It's not the first time that hints of an imminent report have been leaked, presumably by aides to demagogue and Kremlin asset Donald "Rump" Trump. Recall that goggle-eyed fool Rudy "Ghouliani" Giuliani predicted last summer that the report would be out around last September. Then the date was November, then next week.

Cheryl Kelley, writing at the Palmer Report, sees Rump and his allies' malign hands in planting stories that the report would be issued (fill in the blank) in order to build pressure on Special Counsel Mueller to end his investigation before additional indictments and rolling up some of the key conspirators at the top of the Rump pyramid, including his greasy son Junior, son-in-law Jared, and even Rump himself. From the linked article:
"It is true that there is evidence that the Mueller investigation is nearing the finish line: namely, the number of lawyers who have returned to their previous positions and/or reportedly started lining up new job prospects. Still, today we know one thing. The investigation is not ending next week, and the story that it was ending did not come from the DOJ. 
This smells just like the pattern used in the past by Donald Trump of painting a narrative he wants to be true, as a way to pressure people to support his story." (our emphasis)
Advice to the shiny object-chasers in our broken media: please don't run with "scoops" provided by anonymous White (Supremacist) House sources, or political appointees at the Justice Department. It's certain that they're intended to interfere in the Mueller investigation by raising and then dashing expectations, all the while pressuring the Special Counsel.

BONUS: For a good insight into what scenarios may be unfolding, check out Garrett Graff's piece in Wired.


donnah said...

This “is it being released now?” roller coaster is exhausting. This White House is a total mess and they just keep muddying the waters with these leaks.

They're terrified by the Mueller report and they continue to try to manipulate the outcome. No one knows what will be revealed, and while we hope for some significant findings about the influence of Russia in our government, no one knows yet. Speculation on both sides is pretty useless and I'm worried that the constant pressure will make the actual release be a letdown.

Hackwhackers said...

donnah -- There are also the investigations under the auspices of the SDNY, the State of New York, the emoluments cases, etc. that will bedevil him for some time. Mueller's got some sealed indictments that could serve as ticking time bombs for certain people (likely Trump family members). There's still a ways to go.