Friday, February 1, 2019

You And Your Lying Eyes and Ears

As the fight over his medieval manhood wall (that Mexico was supposed to pay for) causes him to waffle and meltdown over the term "wall," unhinged Kremlin pawn Donald "Rump" Trump bizarrely told reporters yesterday that the testimony given in public Wednesday to the Senate by his intelligence chiefs that contradicted his nonsensical worldview was not what your heard:
"The hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee was public and carried on multiple TV networks. Coats, speaking on behalf of the other five witnesses, submitted 42 pages of written testimony on a wide range of security threats. Video of the hearing was posted on the committee’s website.

'They said that they were totally misquoted, and they were totally — it was taken out of context,' Trump said in an exchange with reporters. 'I’d suggest that you call them. They said it was fake news, which frankly didn’t surprise me.'”
(our emphasis)
Yes, they were "misquoted" as they spoke what everyone heard. Of course, there's also the small detail that their testimony is 100% consistent with the written "Worldwide Threat Assessment" that was the subject of the hearing. Can't believe your eyes, either! This was also after he initially accused them of being "passive" and "naive."

This is Emperor's new clothes territory, where Rump expects everyone (and especially his cult) to not to believe what they're seeing and hearing. What we are seeing and hearing are the actions of a desperate malignant narcissist, far out of his depth, caught up in his own demagoguery and looking over his shoulder for the next indictments.

BONUS: Then there are the zillion-person "caravans" Rump keeps resurrecting when he wants to rile up the rubes. But Rep. Eric Swalwell has a question for him:


donnah said...

I was watching MSNBC yesterday when they broke in with President Sayinshit said the Intelligence team had backed him up, not criticized him. He's just opening his hamberder hole and letting words fall out at this point. He's delusional and he thinks everyone will believe everything he says, no matter how bizarre and deniable it is.

Please let this nightmare end soon.

Hackwhackers said...

donnah -- His lying delusions have gotten worse as the pressure on him mounts. We wonder if just a few of his cult are beginning to notice Oz behind the curtain.

FelineMama said...

Ya know, if I repeatedly said things with specifics, I would knock myself out to provide pics, videos, PROOF, etc. Or, I would keep my mouth shut. Right? So why doesn't Liar in Chief do this?? His people could get them for him. Why doesn't the media ask this of him? Idiot.

Hackwhackers said...

FM -- This case was especially bizarre, given that the intel chiefs spoke openly in public, and not through a media source. I wonder what the intel community thinks of this delusional idiot now.

Linus Bern said...

My fave quote of the week was from Sarah Sanders. "The presidential daily briefing wasn't cancelled, it was just moved".

That's right, the briefing that happens every day has now been moved to another day.

Glen Tomkins said...

Those caravans are coming from INSIDE THE BUILDING!