Monday, August 26, 2019

Picture = 1,000 Words

Well, we suppose this is why First Third Lady Melania "Melanie" Trump attends G7 summits with her loathsome, short-fingered vulgarian husband.

Of course, she's mainly hungering for approval and acceptance, just like her sick hubby, but young Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is just too irresistible to "Melanie" after years of slapping her gross, cheating hubby's hands away and sleeping in separate bedrooms. It's launched a viral Twitter hashtag, #MelaniaLovesTrudeau, and will surely irk her insecure and unstable husband, given his frosty relationship with Trudeau.

Readers may recall that "Melanie" has some competition for Trudeau's attention in the person of First Shady and complicit hypocrite Ivanka Trump/Kushner/Trump:

International relations are taking on a whole new meaning with Trump's women.



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