Wednesday, August 28, 2019


"... It isn’t really about a choice between VP Biden or Senator Warren or Senator Harris or Senator Sanders or any of the other Democratic primary candidates. The simple reality we face as Americans is that nothing positive, not a single damn thing, is possible on healthcare, immigration, the climate, the environment, the economy, foreign policy, defense policy, criminal justice, and/or trade policy if the President is reelected and if the Senate remains in Republican hands. The real issue right now isn’t whether VP Biden’s healthcare plan is too incremental or whether Senator Sanders is too idealistic and therefore unrealistic and improbable. And that either of them have the ability to deactivate Democratic voters because they’re not having their ideological pleasure centers tickled. At the Federal level, the real issue is electing a Democrat president with a Democratic majority Senate and maintaining the Democratic House. That’s it. Almost any of the Democratic primary candidates is acceptable given this reality. And even a one seat Democratic majority in the Senate is as well." -- Adam Silverman, stating what should be obvious: staying focused in the run- up to November 2020 -- and that we have the political winds behind us.  He also stresses the importance of winning governor and state legislature races prior to the 2020 census.  Nice pep talk and reality check.


donnah said...

Agree! I read that post last night and affirmed what he said. We have to focus like a laser beam on winning. We can sort everything out after we win. We need majorities and we need big voter turnout.

W. Hackwhacker said...

donnah -- right on!