Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Trump Beaten By Dem Candidates By Big Margins

The Quinnipiac poll released earlier today will cull out the not-gonna-be candidates for the Dem nomination, most of whom should be looking at either flipping the Senate (O'Rourke, Bullock) or providing their resources to the DNC or DSCC (billionaire Steyer, millionaire Delaney or Gillibrand*,with $8 million in her campaign funds). For the Nth time, it confirmed the 10 top tier of candidates who will be on the "debate" stage in September.

Beyond sorting out the Dem field, the poll provided a stunning result: each Dem candidate in the running for the nomination would crush Russian asset and racist demagogue Donald "The Chosen One" Trump:
Biden +16 (54%-38%)
Sanders +14 (53%-39%)
Warren +12 (52%-40%)
Harris +11 (51%-40%)
Buttigieg +9 (49%-40%)
The usual caveats apply, being a little over 14 months before the election, but the consistent number in almost all recent polls is approximately 40. That's the ceiling for Trump support and it generally tracks his job approval numbers. Trump's clearly worried (even Fux polls show roughly the same losing margins as this one does) and his behavior will become more erratic and desperate going forward.

He's also deeply underwater in how he's seen handling foreign policy, immigration, trade, gun policy and race relations, never rising above 38 percent approval.  On the economy, his disapproval number shot up to 49 percent.  Sixty- two percent believe he's doing more to divide the country.  In short, there's nothing in the poll that's good news for "The Chosen One."

However, we can't let polls -- be they good or bad -- diminish our passion to register and get every Dem and anti-Trumper to the only poll that counts: the one on election day. Many thousands of people in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania stayed home because the polls told them Hillary was going to win and implied that their vote didn't matter. How did that turn out?
 * Sen. Gillibrand just announced she was leaving the race late this afternoon.


bluzdude said...

Amen. The only poll that counts is the one next November. The polls had Hillary winning too.

A pre-election poll only reflects opinions... which as you've heard, are like assholes. Everybody has one. Votes in the election are like "nice" asses. Not everyone has one of those, but we need more of them around.

And there's your strained metaphor of the day.

W. Hackwhacker said...

bluzdude -- strained, but apt!

Hackwhackers said...

bluzdude -- You are the Metaphor King-of-the-Day! The "bottom" line is get the hell out and vote (and get other like-minded bottoms out, too).