Thursday, August 29, 2019

Night Night, Sleep Tight....

Don't let the bedbugs at Trump's failing Doral property bite. The story of bed bugs (and other vermin) at unfit demagogue and hustler Donald "The Chosen" One Trump's desired venue for the next G7 summit / emoluments fest has had him tweeting up a defensive storm. If nothing else, Trump associates himself with his "properties," lavishing them with absurd over-the-top superlatives that he'd like to associate himself with.

Trump's properties generally are frequently the subject of health code violations, particularly Doral:
"Trump Tower’s roach situation, though, paled in comparison to the infestation at Doral, where Florida authorities reported 524 health-code violations from 2013 to 2018, according to state health records and research compiled by the Democratic super PAC American Bridge.

In 2015, they found 'approximately 20-25 live roaches... on the walls, baseboards and floors in the kitchen food prep area and behind a utensil table inside a wall crack.' They also reported between 20 and 30 'live, small flying insects... in the kitchen and dishwasher room.'

Inspectors recommended that the state issue an emergency order and temporarily shutter the Doral kitchen. It’s not clear if it was ever actually shut down."  (our emphasis)
Should Doral be the venue of the next G7 summit / emoluments fest, attendees should consider packing their own food, bringing bug spray, and mouse traps. Or call in via Skype.

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