Thursday, October 10, 2019

Moscow Applauds Turkey's Move Against Kurds

In a sign of authoritarians supporting each other, the Kremlin has signaled it's support for Turkish strongman Recep Erdoğan 's invasion of Syria's northern border region aimed at destroying our Kurdish allies there. Erdoğan reportedly called Russian thug Vladimir Putin before military operations were launched, signaling that he believes Putin is the key player now in the region.

Turkey's aim of neutralizing the Kurdish fighting forces who were responsible for defeating ISIS forces in northern Syria and Iraq, will benefit not only ISIS, but will cripple a democratic force that Syrian dictator and Russian client Bashir al Assad and the Iranian regime have opposed for years. Demagogue and Kremlin asset Donald "Tovarich" Trump, in betraying our Kurdish allies, has once again advanced Moscow's agenda in the Middle East.

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