Friday, February 21, 2020

Trump Faceplants As DNI Pick Turns Him Down (UPDATED)

Demagogue and Kremlin asset Donald "Tovarich" Trump has a casting call out for a confirmable Director of National Intelligence, since his acting Director, Richard Grenell is utterly incompetent for that job, among other factors. Trump said he wanted Georgia wingnut Rep. Doug Collins, who performed for Trump on the House Judiciary Committee during the impeachment hearing by trying to obstruct and derail it. Here's what unfolded:

Humiliation in three, two, one:

So no one, especially Dear Leader himself, bothered to check with Collins to see if he'd take the job before they floated his name in public. Another win for the Very Stable Genius!

UPDATE:  Acting DNI director Joseph Maguire has now resigned from government.  Now be a patriot and tell us what you know.

(photo: "If I only had a brain.")


Unknown said...

Only the best people.

Beach Bum said...

We're so screwed. Didn't like John McCain much, but the guy was loyal to the United States and must be spinning in his grave over the Grenell pick for DNI.

donnah said...

When in the earliest days of Trump's reign of terror his henchmen like Stephen Miller and Roger Stone and that fat slob Steve Bannon promised that they would gut the government and burn it all down, people thought it was hyperbole. It was real. And they continue to hollow out our Constitutional infrastructure by eliminating department after department. Key leaders have been replaced by ass-kissing sycophants if they are replaced at all. Republicans are ecstatic to see a future where their party rules in perpetuity and will not speak out over the corpses of democracy left behind.

The time to worry is in the rear view mirror. We're looking at panic now.