Friday, March 27, 2020

"Exponential Threat" Redux

As a public service, we will occasionally be showing this ad from Priorities USA (we posted it before on March 23, along with another vid).  It's the ad that Dear Leader Donald "Moron Vector" Trump doesn't want Americans to see, because it damns his incompetence in his own words.  He's threatening stations with legal action if they continue to air it, so please do what you can with your own blog/ social media, etc., to get this the widest distribution possible, knowing that it rankles the Moron Vector:

As I'm typing this, the number of reported coronavirus cases in the U.S. is 94,425, and the death toll is 1,429.


donnah said...

Trump has faced an incredible amount of self-induced scandals and has committed crimes so blatantly obvious that it would seem each time that he would be penalized. But he never pays. His actual impeachment holds no real sting and he's never going to be removed from office other than by the elections. He is more of a Teflon president than ol' Ronald Reagan, but without the charm.

These videos prove what a despicable shit he is. They are the words out of his own puckered mouth, unadulterated and not taken out of context. He said these and other things that show how rotted he is and it's not slander, it's a simple airing of facts. His entire term has been filled with these types of quotes, and he pretends he never said any of them. But they're here, in tidy sound bites, proving that he's a monster.

He is a master gaslighter. He's fooled a lot of people and he's still revered by a demented cult who think his lying is part of his brilliance. But the rest of us see him for who he truly is: a pathetic, narcissistic bully with no morals whatsoever.

W. Hackwhacker said...

donnah -- it's clear by now that his "base" won't desert him because, among other pathologies, they hate the same people that he hates. But we're the majority opinion and, hopefully, that majority will rise up come November.