Friday, January 15, 2021

Pelosi: House Members Aiding Rioters Face Prosecution


In her news conference today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that if any Members of Congress were found to have assisted the violent insurrectionists that vandalized the Capitol, resulting in the death of a Capitol Police officer and injuring of others should face criminal prosecution. The issue arose after Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ) said she observed Rethuglican colleagues leading tours of the Capitol building on the day before the rampage for suspicious groups apparently to gather intel. Several of the insurrectionists appeared to know the maze of corridors and the location of offices not known to the public.

Just before the siege, one freshman Congresswoman, execrable QAnon nutcase and gun-toting fascist Rep. Lauren Boebert tweeted out "Today is 1776", and some think that she may be one of the reconnaissance tour guides. Boebert threw a fit after New York Rep Sean Patrick Maloney gave an interview on the subject of the tours; it didn't go well for her:

“'You said that you could ‘confirm’ a Member of Congress gave Capitol tours to ‘insurrectionists’ and implied I was that Member of Congress,' Boebert wrote in a letter to Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.), referencing an interview he gave MSNBC earlier this week. 'Your comments are extremely offensive, shameful and dangerous.'

Maloney, though, quickly noted that he did not name the member of Congress who allegedly led rioters on a tour last week.

'Um, I’ve never said your name in public, @RepBoebert. Never. Not once,' Maloney said in a tweet late Thursday night. '(If you’re going to be a gun nut, you probably shouldn’t go off half cocked.) I’ll tweet the transcript so you can see … but that might be like ‘a fact’, so might not help you.'”  (our emphasis)

The gun-toting conspiracist loon was also one of the Members that objected to the magnetometers posted at the entries to the House chamber, as if her obsession with firearms and her adherence to a crackpot theory that Dems are Satan-worshiping pedophile cannibals isn't cause for extreme concern and caution around her. Here's hoping that she can be proven to be one of the insurrectionist enablers.

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