Saturday, May 15, 2021

Army Vet To Challenge Greene In 2022


Unless she's expelled or arrested for assault before the 2022 mid-terms, we'll have the odious spectacle of mentally disturbed, white supremacist, low-IQAnon stalker Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Trumper-GA) grabbing every opportunity she has to get air time. Her belligerent altercations with Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO), Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), and most notoriously Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is a manifestation of her pathological anger issues and instability, fanaticism, and need for attention. Don't be surprised if she's called to testify about her part in the seditious January 6 domestic terrorist insurrection at the Capitol, as she appeared to know at least one of the rioters. As a prominent spreader of anti-Semitic and low-IQAnon conspiracies, as well as the Big Lie, gun-humping Greene is a danger to her colleagues in the House and a domestic security threat to the nation. 

It will be a challenge to vote Greene out in 2022, given her red 14th Congressional District of Georgia. But if the Dems put up an electable alternative, and enough Republican and independent voters peel away from Greene out of disgust and embarrassment, who knows?  Ask Sens. Warnock and Ossoff about long chances. is endorsing a candidate to oppose Greene in 2022. He's an African-American Army veteran by the name of Marcus Flowers, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Try attacking his patriotism, member of the Bone Spurs Cult. Check out this hard-hitting campaign video against Greene:


BONUS:  It also looks like Greene has potentially committed tax fraud by claiming tax breaks on two residences in different Georgia counties.  Seems like Greene and her recent traveling companion Rep. Matt "GaetzGate" Gaetz believe, like their cult leader, that the laws only apply to other people.


anynameleft said...

From his ad "I spent a decade in Iraq and afghansitan as a contractor.."
You are pushing for a Merc as an alternative?
A man who milked the US taxpayer for every penny he could while being allowed to run around shooting everything in sight with total immunity?
If he was a patriot he would have accepted US military wages instead of inflated payments for inflated body counts.
By the way which murders for hire outfit did he kill for? Blackwater and DeVos gang?
Remember merc's are nothing but murderers for hire who create more problems then they solve.
Granted Marjory is a conspicious whackjob but better a conspicious whack job then an apperently "normal" psyychopath.
We already know from his own mouth that there is nothing he won't do for cold hard cash even work for organizations that murder of innocent civilians and steal taxpayers money.

Hackwhackers said...

anynameleft -- You may want to send your comments to, since they're the entity that endorsed Flowers, as we reported. We'd be interested in their response to you, if any. We're not aware -- and neither are you -- of any crimes or atrocities Flowers committed while over there. We only ran his ad because it hit Greene effectively for her insane and dangerous views, and we've seen no other Dem candidate in the 14th district come forward with a comparable attack. If and when one does, we'll post it, too.

Anonymous said...

"...better a conspicuous whack job..." Anynameleft just gave the game away. Republican trolls need to get better at undercutting Democratic candidates. Try harder, troll.