Wednesday, July 28, 2021

"Gym" Jordan Ducks Question About Talk With Trump


Rabid Trumper, pedophile protector and material witness in the January 6 insurrection Rep. Jim "Gym" Jordan squirmed when asked about conversations he had with the mentally unstable former guy during the Capitol insurrection. He tried to deflect to the latest Sedition Caucus' absurd talking point that Speaker Nancy Pelosi was responsible for the riot, but failed (warning: Fox "News" clip):

In the weeks leading up to the insurrection, Jordan was making speeches across the country spreading the "Big Lie" that Trump was cheated out of the election, stirring up crowds to "stop the steal." The House Committee investigating the insurrection is likely to call Jordan and his co-conspirators to testify under oath about his role.

The Sedition Caucus is on the run (literally) especially after yesterday's devastating testimony from four police officers about the brutal attack on January 6 by Trump's domestic terrorists. No one except their delusional cult members are buying the obvious diversion from the truth. 

BONUS: Yesterday, in a House Rules Committee meeting after the testimony from police officers about the January 6 violent insurrection, the great Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) confronted despicable Trumpist dead-ender Rep. Andrew Clyde (Insurrection-GA) about his statement that the rioters were like "tourists."  Keep confronting each member of the Sedition Caucus.

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