Tuesday, August 31, 2021

QOTD -- The Point


"...For hawks in Congress, the important thing is for the US to be militarily occupying other countries and benefiting the big arms manufacturers. If US troops overseas somewhere are not being killed, they say it proves there is no need to withdraw them. If troops are being killed, they say it proves we shouldn’t withdraw. 

"Alas, for them I fear the troop deaths themselves are not the point." -- University of Michigan history professor Juan Cole, in his blog Informed Comment.  The Afghan withdrawal is prompting ludicrous and cynical calls from Republicans like the execrable Sen. Lindsey "Huckleberry" Graham (Trump's Rectum-SC) for President Biden to be impeached.  Professor Cole lists the top four times U.S. troops were killed in bombings under Republican presidents Reagan, Bush I, Bush II, and Trump, with no one being asked to resign or be impeached.  The total U.S. deaths from those four attacks was 288.  But, as Professor Cole says, the point is not the troop deaths, it's benefiting the arms manufacturers and, we would add, trying to "Carter-ize" Biden, with a huge assist from the Republican- wired media.

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Matthew Saroff said...

Carter did exactly the opposite of what Biden did.

Carter, at Brzezinski's urging, used money to manufacture a civil war from banditry in the rural areas, even though he knew what a civil war did to society from Vietnam.

Carter is a war criminal.