Saturday, September 25, 2021

QOTD -- The Disappearing Coup Memo


"The Paper of Record, which sent six reporters to write four stories about Alan Dershowitz’s dinner invitations and did two news and three opinion pieces about whether a Harvard Law professor would be able to keep his side gig as a dorm RA, still has no news stories about the Eastman memo. [snip]

"Look, I’m not saying a detailed election theft plan the vice president seriously considered executing is as important as, say, the clouds raised and questions shadowed by the Secretary of State turning down a request for diplomatic passports, but it still seems important.

"Despite this, network news has also completely ignored the story. If only Eastman had forwarded the plan to John Podesta…" -- LGM's Scott Lemieux on the media blackout on the memo written by Trump putsch planner John Eastman, outlining what steps should be taken to overturn the 2020 election and install Trump for another term.  While Lemieux singles out the broadcast networks and the New York Effing Times, the Washington Post's excellent Greg Sargent, reporter Philip Bump, and attorney Teri Kanefield wrote about the coup memo, but Sargent's and Kanefield's pieces were in the "opinion" section, and only Bump's found its way into the "news analysis" section of the paper.  So, yay, golf clap.

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