Friday, January 21, 2022

QOTD -- Dead Senator Walking


"Amidst all the disappointment and tribulation of recent days please join me in taking a moment to step back, in a posture of mindful gratitude, to contemplate the fact that Kyrsten Sinema’s career in electoral politics is already over. Yes, the damage she’s already done will be difficult to remedy. She still has three solid years to do yet more damage. And she probably will. But none of that damage, none of the hijinks and characteristic game-playing to come, will or can change her electoral fate. In political terms, she’s already dead senator walking. And the most perplexing but paradoxically delightful part of it is that she doesn’t even seem to realize it yet. [snip]

"... Sinema has done immense damage without any clear or meaningful justification or benign intent. Her antics have created a situation where it will be quite difficult for any Democrat to hold that seat in 2024. But Sinema herself is done. She’s boxed herself without even quite seeming to know it, high on her own supply of McCainite fantasies and lobbyist fluffing. There’s a classic New Yorker cartoon in which a guy has jumped off a skyscraper and half way down a guy in an office he’s flying by asks him, “How’s it going?” To which he jauntily replies, “So far so good!” That captures the reality of Sinema’s political present and future. That’s accountability. And in that I take some solace and more than a little joy. " -- Josh Marshall, TPM today.  Good read.  (We might quibble with Marshall's attribution of the "so far so good" line, having seen Steve McQueen tell the same joke in The Magnificent Seven (1960).)


rdale said...

I think Smirking Sinema has had a plan all along to set herself up for life. She got elected by claiming to be progressive, and she's spent the last few years making contacts with wealthy republican donors and doing favors for corporations. Along comes the next election and she declares she's not going to run because of her high principles, gets lucrative seats on corporate boards, and gets a high-paying spot on Fox as a "liberal Democrat," whining about how "I didn't leave the Democrat party, they left me." Just watch.

W. Hackwhacker said...

rdale -- I agree completely that's the far most likely scenario. She's an unserious person who wants to profit off her time in office.