Wednesday, January 19, 2022

QOTD -- Dismantling Democracy


"Senators, our democracy may be standing in its final hour.  The bedrock of freedom in America lies in our sacred right to vote.  Without it, everything else crumbles.  We still have time to act, but the window of opportunity is rapidly narrowing.  Let's not miss this critical moment to pass federal voting rights protections, what may be our last hope to save our democracy." -- Derrick Johnson, president of the NAACP, in a letter to 100 Senators in the likely futile attempt to appeal to a mojority's sense of justice and morality to pass voting rights legislation.

His plea essentially to the two corrupted Democratic Senators:

"Democratic senators:  what good is preserving a dysfuntional tradition of bipartisanship if bipartisanship cannot even preserve democracy? It is morally inconsistent to praise voting rights legislation while allowing a procedural rule to tank it.

Let's be honest, every voter suppression bill passed in the 19 states across the country has been passed by Republicans alone.  If one party can dismantle our democracy on its own, the other party should muster the courage to safeguard it."

After the maneuvering is over, and the votes are taken, and the voting rights legislation goes down, every Republican and Sinemanchin must be held to account for their decisions to dismantle American democracy.  This is a turning point in our history, and those on the wrong side of history must ultimately pay for their actions (as it's said, revenge is a dish best served cold).


Cthulhu said...

If the Democrats don't take the kid gloves off and start fighting this fight by the rules and standards the GQP uses, then this experiment in Democracy is over this year.

And it appears that they're not going to.

W. Hackwhacker said...

Cthulhu -- expect the worst, work for the best. Dems do need to rise to the existential threat and ignore "normal" process and procedure when dealing with the Republicans on their terms. They have less than 300 days to get it right.