Sunday, August 14, 2022

Classified Documents May STILL Be Unaccounted For


Yesterday evening's report in the New York Times regarding movement of the classified documents that the Malignant Loser illegally transferred to his Mar a Lago home indicates not only that a Trump lawyer misrepresented the existence of the documents, but that closed circuit video of people moving boxes around demonstrates mishandling and concealment of them:

"The Justice Department also subpoenaed surveillance footage from Mar-a-Lago recorded over a 60-day period, including views from outside the storage room. According to a person briefed on the matter, the footage showed that, after one instance in which Justice Department officials were in contact with Mr. Trump’s team, boxes were moved in and out of the room.

That activity prompted concern among investigators about the handling of the material. It is not clear when precisely the footage was from during the lengthy back-and-forth between Justice Department officials and Mr. Trump’s advisers, or whether the subpoena to Mr. Trump seeking additional documents had already been issued."  (our emphasis)

The information that additional documents may have been moved to another location, or worse destroyed, was reportedly provided by one of several Trump aides:

"In recent months, investigators were in contact with roughly half a dozen of Mr. Trump’s current aides who had knowledge of how the documents that had been kept at Mar-a-Lago were handled, two people briefed on the approaches said. At least one witness provided the investigators with information that led them to want to further press Mr. Trump for material, according to a person familiar with the inquiry."  (our emphasis)

With the Malignant Loser and his enablers, you can anticipate the most sinister motive regarding those boxes that were moved in and out of the storage facility. Obstruction of justice was just one of the probable cause justifications for the FBI's search, and it's clear that they have evidence -- a witness or video -- to back it up.

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