Tuesday, September 27, 2022

QOTD -- Performative Revenge


"Pay no attention to the House Republicans’ substance-free “Commitment to America.” The actual GOP plan, if the party takes control of the lower chamber in January, is a campaign of performative revenge.

"Ginned-up investigations, cruel attacks on the marginalized, even a concocted impeachment of President Biden — that’s what the nation has to look forward to if Republicans win the House. Those are the only things the party agrees on, except fealty to Donald Trump and an all-consuming desire for power." -- Eugene Robinson in the Washington Post.   Imagine spineless cipher Kevin McCarthy as Speaker (and third in line to the presidency!).  Or a feral "Gym" Jordan as Chair of the House Judiciary Committee.  Or every deranged member of the caucus in a position to cause more even damage and disrepute to fall upon the chamber.  Turning the House over to these treasonous trolls will give them a legitimized national platform.  And we've seen by their words and actions in these mid-term campaigns how they'd run things:  by relying on lies, fear, anger and hate to keep a grip on power at all costs.  That's all they offer, and why they need to be crushed in November.