Wednesday, October 5, 2022

QOTD: Downward "Christian" Soldiers


"Less than 24 hours after The Daily Beast’s explosive report about Herschel Walker allegedly paying for an abortion, Republicans and anti-abortion rights groups are rallying behind the former football star turned politician. Ralph Reed, the former executive director of the Christian Coalition, told The New York Times that 'he expected ‘100 percent’ that evangelical Christians would stick with Mr. Walker.' He’s probably right. [snip]

Let’s be honest. Character doesn’t matter. Today’s Christian conservatives and the Republican Party have concluded that we are in a war with the left. And in wars, we do not have any room for niceties like policing our own side—or being concerned with silly things like character. Warriors have to do gruesome and immoral things sometimes." -- traditional conservative pundit Matt Lewis, writing in The Daily Beast, expressing what progressives have known for years, for example with the messaging of the "Moral Majority" charlatans, TV "evangelical" hustlers, and political Bible-bangers whose moral code was "comfort the comfortable and afflict the afflicted." The freedom rallies in Iran are a reminder of what zealous, authoritarian theocracy can do to a people, and it must not happen here, aided by the hypocrisy of the Republican / Trumpist Party.

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