Thursday, December 8, 2022

QOTD -- "The Essence Of A Typical Trump Candidate"


"The Herschel Walker campaign was a slow-motion train wreck. But it was also an inevitability, something set on the tracks long ago. The logical outcome of what happens when a farcical former president fancies himself a kingmaker but favors jesters for the job — Dr. Oz, Sarah Palin.

"The campaign was what happens when a party decides that 'winning is a virtue,' as right-wing commentator Dana Loesch once said when explaining her support for Walker — that it is, in fact, the only virtue worth pursuing, at the expense of integrity, consistency, truthfulness. Herschel Walker’s campaign was as though a diabolical political scientist boiled down the essence of a typical Trump candidate to its essential goop, leaving behind the distilled dregs of a political philosophy that mostly centers on spouting off nonsense about pronouns and wokeness and reproductive rights and how climate legislation was unnecessary because there were 'enough trees around here.'” -- Monica Hesse, in the Washington Post, on the Trump- picked "political nonsense personified," who yet was supported by nearly half of the electorate in Georgia, and what that says about the reality of our politics. 

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