Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Christie Aiming To Be Trump's "Critic In Chief"

Florida's book- banning, COVID-spreading fascistic Gov. Ron "Bootsie / Meatball Ron" DeSantis is losing steam among donors and voters in his likely bid for the Republican nomination. As the great hope of corporate Republicans who are tired of losing with the Malignant Loser, DeSantis hasn't hit back at the Malignant Loser's frequent and nasty attacks, worrying some of his followers that he's not up to the task. However, in the way that nature abhors a vacuum, the boisterous former New Jersey Gov. Chris "Traffic Cone" Christie appears ready to  engage with the Malignant Loser, if only for a kamikaze mission to tear some chunks off of the Malignant Loser's yuuuge rear end. Christie was in early primary state New Hampshire the other day testing his "Trump's a loser" message, as Politico reports:

"Christie reunited a group of his New Hampshire backers on Monday night, when he returned to the state for a town hall at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics — a prerequisite for any presidential hopeful — followed by a private dinner with close friends, former supporters and some donors.

Christie was cagey about whether he is actually running for president again. But if he is — he’s said a decision could come in 45 to 60 days — he spelled out a clear lane for himself as Trump’s critic in chief.

Christie doesn’t see one in what is shaping up to be the 2024 Republican field.

'They’re going to wriggle right up next to him and say "I’m almost like him, but I’m not quite as bad,” Christie said of his would-be rivals. 'Let me tell you something, everybody. That’s going to lose as certain as he lost in ‘20, as we lost the House in ‘18, as we lost the Senate in ‘21, as we underperformed in ‘22.'”  [snip]

'Trump said a few weeks ago: I am your retribution. Guess what everybody? No thanks,' Christie said. 'The only person he cares about is him. And if we haven’t learned that since Election Day 2020 until today, we’re not paying attention.'”  (our emphasis)

In some ways, the loud mouthed former New Jersey Governor was a forerunner of the Malignant Loser's style of cut-them-up politics, known for his nasty remarks and bullying. We'll see how long he's able to hang in with the Malignant Loser, but we're not optimistic about a long distance event between the two.

(photo: Christie and Trump, with Christie-nemesis Javanka sneering in the background/ Shawn Thew, Getty Images) 


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Kwark said...

A GOP looser "takes on" a GOP looser. The script for what the media talking heads will call a debate for these two is certain to be as shallow as Trump's pool of remaining lawyers. Other than a potential whipping boy for Trump's stupid nickname game what about Christie is worthy of anyone's attention? I'm assuming it's simply viewed by GOP operatives as an opportunity for prime time repetition of GOP lies.