Sunday, September 24, 2023

QOTD -- Stumbling Clowns


Dana Milbank sets the scene for the clown show that was put on last week by the House Republican caucus and its pathetic Squeaker of the House Kevin "Qevin" McCarthy:

...It should have been obvious to all this week, if it wasn’t already, that McCarthy (R-Calif.) is speaker in name only, as his leaderless Republican caucus stumbles toward a government shutdown. Review some of the labels House Republicans hurled at each other over the last few days:

“Clown show.” “Clowns.” “Foolishness.” “Weak.” “Terribly misguided.” “Selective amnesia.” “Stupidity.” “Failure to lead.” “Lunatics.” “Disgraceful.” “New low.” “Enabling Chairman Xi.” “People that have serious issues.” “Pathetic.”

Amid the epithets, Republicans brought the House to another standstill. For the second time in as many weeks, hard-liners blocked the House from even considering a bill to fund the troops. Two days later, they blocked it for a third time. They also forced party leaders to pull from the floor their plan to avert a shutdown — a plan that would do nothing to avert a shutdown even if it passed...

He goes on to catalogue the low points of the Republican- on- Republican violence, the nihilistic extremism, the stupidity, the appalling lack of concern over what a government shutdown would mean, and more.  The quotes above from some in the caucus accurately describe not only "hard-liners" (i.e., fascist bomb- throwers), but the cult/ party as a whole.  Broad allegiance to a lunatic, disgraceful, pathetic, stupid Malignant Loser, who is cheering for a government shutdown, puts these "hard-liners" and the weak Squeaker right at the core of the rotted- out Christofascist Republican Party.


Stewart Dean said...

Sound track theme for the House

W. Hackwhacker said...

Stewart -- perfect!

Stewart Dean said...

...with little animated dummies making little twitchy motions without really doing anything productive....and thunderous music proclaims glory and amazing feats of daring-do. 'Bout right.