Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wee Willie's World

Think Progress has a telling side-by-side comparison of the "official" intelligence on how the surge is going in Iraq, compared to the "artificial" intelligence represented by neocon wingnut extraordinaire William "Wee Willie" Kristol. National Intelligence Office Deputy Director Thomas Fingar indicates that the most optimistic view is that the surge has not had a significant effect on reducing the violence in Iraq. Of course, the much better informed Wee Willie begs to differ. He thinks things are going much better that we expected. We're actually winning. Then that means that Wee Willie can visit Baghdad and stroll around for a few hours, without escort, to bask in the calm that the surge has brought, right? C'mon, Wee Willie, put your willie where your big mouth is.
(Photo: Wee Willie receiving the "Cream Pie Award" from a grateful public)

Update: Try to catch Wee Willie's self-delusional essay in the 7/15 WaPo explaining why he's betting Dumbya will be a successful preznit in the end. It's an extension of his dead-ender rationalization and cherry-picking noted above.

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