Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mr. Whitey's Bigotry

The Faux News Channel's John "Mr. Whitey" Gibson seems intent to top his Faux News colleague Bill O'Liely with racist comments on his show. On his radio show, Mr. Whitey, in referring to the Jena, Louisiana marchers protesting the treatment of 6 black students, said that they "only wanna fight the white devil." The whitest man in America said the controversy was a "mirage of 1950s-style American segregation." This was a very similar in tone to the ones taken by white supremacist organizations, including Stormfront, that distorted the controversy and the protest march. Mr. Whitey and the Faux channel which employs him should be ashamed, but the truth is they actually believe the crap they spew.

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