Wednesday, January 2, 2008

At The Movies

One of the unexpectedly pleasant gifts received at Christmas was seeing "Juno." It's been nominated for 3 Golden Globe awards, and it's a funny, touching and totally captivating movie. The lead character, played by the adorable Canadian actress Ellen Page, is a wise-cracking teen who faces her sudden pregnancy and her options with humor and humanity. The cast is believable and the movie has a raw appeal. It's getting quite the buzz, as it should, so go see it.


Matthew Saroff said...

Look at your blog traffic.

While you were on vacation, it appears that Ramesh Ponnuru, who must spend most of his time Googling himself, went after a post of yours, the one where you made the Legal Immigrant joke, and one of mine, titled Conservatives Outsourcing Punditry to India, calling us racists.

I got over 1000 hits on Dec 28.

Hackwhackers said...


We had to laugh at Ponnuru's lame attack. An ego that requires him to search teh Intertubes for his name is pathetic indeed. And we're not exactly daily Kos or Huffington. Ponnuru's faux outrage about the "legal immigrant" nickname demonstrates his cynicism, as a faithful hack of the nativist Rethuglican party.

Matthew Saroff said...

You probably get more hits than me...I think that I average 30 hits/day, less on Saturday.

That being said, I'm not sure if he was googling himself, or looking for an excuse to be outraged.

At my site, except for one person using the "c-word" the flying monkeys were pretty civil.

ericminning said...

I opted for "Stop or My Mom Will Shoot," and suffered accordingly.