Thursday, January 3, 2008

McCain To Be Swift-Boated?

Grrr!!! If you think Walnuts McCain is angry here, wait until Monday! The blogosphere is rife with the rumor that a book to be out on Monday, January 7 (the day before the New Hampshire primary) will swift-boat Walnuts McCain. The rumor is vague and could apply to several candidates, but some of the betting is that Gerard "Apocalypse Now" Kiley, head of Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain and leader of the "swift-boat" smears on John Kerry in 2004, is going to try to paint Walnuts as having sold out his country while a POW in Vietnam (!) and is doing Vietnam's bidding now for fear of exposure (!!).

Clearly Mr. Kiley has taken way too many concussive blows to the head... While we're not fans of McCain's politics, we believe he's a man who served his country courageously. If this takes place as advertised, it only will demonstrate to the world what absolute loons there are out there on the far right Rethug fringe, and that they'll stop at nothing to damage their political enemies. One hopes this will lead to the demise of Kiley's group if not his crackpot ideas, but we're not terribly sanguine.

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