Sunday, February 8, 2009

Quote of the Week

"There is no free market in talk radio today, only an exclusive, tightly held, conservative media conspiracy. The few holders of broadcast licenses have made it clear they will not, on their own, serve the general public. Maybe it's time to bring back the Fairness Doctrine--and bring competition back to talk radio in Washington and elsewhere." - Progressive talk radio host Bill Press in a letter in today's WaPo. Press points out that progressive radio hosts are outnumbered 15 to 1 on the local right-wing blowhard outlet WTNT-AM(not a dynamite station). Press has a personal reason to complain, too. Redskin and Red Zebra Broadcasting Co. owner Li'l Danny Snyder has pulled the plug on the only progressive format in deep blue DC - 1260 AM - which employed Press and several other progressives in the talk radio wilderness.

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