Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another Rethug Patriot

Speaking yesterday to a crowd of tea bagging wingnuts and other assorted nutjob losers in Austin, TX, Texas Rethuglican Gov. Rick "Dipstick" Perry really did himself proud. Repeatedly referring to the "oppressive" Federal government and praising "states' rights", Dipstick had some in the crowd waving signs saying "Secede." At a press conference later, he said that at some point, Texans might get so fed up they would want to secede from the union. When asked if he supported Texas' secession from the United States, Dipstick squirmed, but said, "who knows what might come out of that." Wasn't it just a few months ago when the Rethugs were throwing around the word "treason" for anyone who disagreed with Dumbya and Dead Eye? Now who's disloyal?

News flash for Gov. Dipstick: we've already had a Civil War, and your side LOST. Also, Dip, you might want to check the legal definition of "sedition," because you're right on the edge of it.

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