Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Pelosi Diversion

Are you noticing how the Villagers and mainstream media have jumped on the non-story that Speaker Nancy Pelosi knew about waterboarding and did nothing to stop it? The non-story that the Rethuglicans are eagerly pushing to divert attention from their massive culpability in authorizing torture, not to prevent future attacks, but to extract false confessions regarding an Iraq/al Qaeda tie to justify the invasion? She has maintained that Bushit-era CIA officials misled her. Let's not forget that Pelosi was in the minority and was not Speaker until January 2007, so her power to change the unlawful policies of the Bushit Assministration were limited at best, even if she had been aware of the torture. But does anyone really believe that the last Administration would be honest with a Democratic leader, particularly one who consistently opposed their policies? Not likely.

Let's have that Truth Commission that the Speaker has called for, and see how the Rethugs like that.

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