Monday, May 18, 2009

Wingnut Warriors

Sadly, No comments on the story about Los Angeles wingnut Andrew "Half Bright" Breitbart mistaking some "protesters" for anti-war Islamofascistocommunistos during an outing with his embarrassed wife recently in Santa Monica. Indulging in hors d'oerves and margaritas at an upscale restaurant, Half Bright notices a large contingent of marching young 'uns nearby, and, feeling his Jose Cuervo, flips them the finger from the safety of the restaurant's veranda, erroneously assuming that they're the above-mentioned Islamofascistocommunistos; they're not, and Half Bright has to retract his extended middle finger, to everyone's amusement. Pity that he can't be parachuted into Afghanistan to fight for his country.

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