Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Limpballs' Rage and Racism

Rethuglican leader Pills Limpballs is going all out in his rage against President Obama. Not content to "hope that he fails," TPM notes that Mr. Bouncy Bouncy (as Keith Olbermann calls him) is attacking him in racial terms ("a half-black, half-white human being") when discussing the President's global sense.

It's strange that the Villagers, who seem to regard Pills as a voice of reasonable conservatism, can't bring themselves to rip this bigot a new one, even after Limpballs refers to the mainstream media as "state-run media." It's decades beyond when the mainstream media should worry about being labeled "liberal" -- which they are decidedly not -- by far right wingers hoping to intimidate them into more favorable coverage. It's time to call this true racist out.

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