Saturday, September 19, 2009

Not All Nuts Are Acorns

Courageous conservative governors Tim "No Good 'N'" Pawlenty and Bobby "Kenneth" Jindal are fightin' the scourge of ACORN (you know, the nazidemosocialist storm troopers of B. Hussein Omuslim -- and Glenn "Boo-Hoo" Beck's fevered imagination). Seems Paw and Kenneth have issued Orders to their gummints to cease and desist ALL CONTACTS with the nefarious ACORNs! ("Huh? Whazzat? Neither Minnesota nor Louisiana have any contacts, contracts, or other 'intercourse' with the ACORNs?!? Shhh! You're spoiling their dramatic moment! YOU LIE!")

UPDATE: Also joining his voice to the courageous chorus, Gov. Sonny "Chicken" Perdue (Rethug-GA).

(Image: Pawlenty and Jindal, from tiny ACORNS big wingnuts grow)

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