Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Value-less Summit

Jon Stewart lands some deadly punches on the hypocritical, partisan Rethug, holier-than-thou hacks attending the so-called "Values Voters Summit" in Washington. Stewart has fun poking holes in the American Taliban's paper armor. Remember, this is the group that nurtured the political lives of the Ensigns/Craigs/Foleys/Sanfords, etc. Check out this Daily Show video, and enjoy the skewering of Tom "Bug Man" Delay's gig on "Dancing With The Stars" at the end of Stewart's monologue. As they used to say on In Living Color's Men on Film, two snaps up with a twist.

Easy to see why The Daily Show just won another Emmy for best comedy or variety show.

BONUS: This preacher would have livened up the proceedings. . .

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