Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ms. Braun Speaks

The Daily Beast's Lloyd Grove has a piece on wingnut harpy Michelle "Stalkin'" Malkin and her latest shitload screed on the awful, corrupt, no-good regime of B. Hussein Omuslin. Unfortunately, the piece isn't as satisfying as it should be, because Grove doesn't rip her a new one. (C'mon Lloyd!)

But, Stalkin' does have a few choice quotes in the piece: "I'm a human being." (Yeah, we'll just wait for the DNA tests to verify that one, "lady.")

"I've been called a Jap, Chink, Gook, Dog-eater." (By your right-wing brethren, of course, dimbulb)

She also discusses the paranoia that led her to move her family from Germantown, MD, to an "undisclosed location" in Colorado. We can attest to Stalkin's paranoia. True story: several years ago, on a trip to the Germantown post office, we were in line to drop some letters in the drive-by mail box. Who was in the silver Benz (or maybe Lexus?) a few cars ahead? None other than the "Eva Braun of Oberlin" (as she was known - must mean her fellow Oberliner, hubby Jesse, is... Hitl... um... B. Hussein Omuslin!). Noticing that I recognized her (and, no, I did not give her the one-fingered salute), she took "evasive action" after leaving the parking lot. Had I been a professional hit man, her laughable attempt to "throw me off the scent" would have resulted in her being dropped about 30 seconds later than she otherwise would have been cast into Hell. As it was, I saw her pulling sheepishly out of a side street and peeling around a corner on two wheels as I proceeded on my way, thinking "Bitch has delusions of importance!"

(Photo: Hey! No stalkin' Stalkin' !!!)

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