Friday, September 18, 2009

What If Fux Held A Parade, And Nobody Watched?

We laughed at Fux News Channel's ad in the WaPo today, which asked how the major networks as well as MSNBC and CNN "missed" the awesomely lame wingnut march last weekend in Washington that they promoted to death. The teabagger and town hall "rallies" are simply gatherings of the most extreme losers from last year's Presidential elections, who won't accept the fact that an African-American is President. And Fux News is their beacon of misinformation, with Boo-Hoo Beck and Gauleiter Hannity holding the torches for the sheeple. They even resorted to the most transparently bogus crowd estimates ("1.5 million") to try to put it in the category as the Obama inauguration, when they drew about 5% of that number. The alternate reality that these loons live in is breathtaking. Just so they don't regain power and make us live in it too.

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