Monday, September 28, 2009

You Won't See This On Network News

That's because Pills Limpballs seems to be off-limits for analysis as an instigator of potential white on black violence. Several days ago, the Drugster featured a story on his hate radio program about a white kid that was roughed up by several black kids in Bellevue, IL. The police stated that race was not involved as a motive in the tussle, but Pills knows better. "We need segregated buses," Pills raged, because this is what whites kids can expect in "Obama's America." Not known is whether Pills was high on Oxycontin or airplane glue at the time of the rant, but he got the attention of some neo-Nazi thugs calling themselves the "National Socialist Movement" who proceeded to organize a march in Bellevue for "white civil rights" and to shout racist slogans.

Pills seems immune from criticism by the "journalists" on CNN and the major networks, who marvel at his audience of dittoheads and figure that he must be on to something in "America's heartland." At a recent appearance on the Leno show, Pills yukked it up with Leno about their diets and general nonsense. Maybe it will take a dittohead's violent action to put the focus on the source of the malevolence, but it hasn't happened yet.

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