Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rethug Police Blotter - Police Edition

Since 1999, Page Co., VA, Sheriff Dan Presgraves (Rethug-Yahooville) has been wielding his authority with "rakish charm and raw power" (Kaplan Daily). Well, seems like Rakish Dan may have been a little too rakish and a little too raw, since he's just been sentenced to 19 months in prison and a $75,000 judgement for racketeering (bribery, extortion, conspiracy, money laundering) and sexual harassment. Among Rakish Dan's Rethug admirers and supporters are former Sen. George "Macaca" Allen, former Atty. Gen. Jerry Kilgore, and Rep. Frank Wolf (let the furious backpedaling begin!).

(Photo: Rakish ex-Sheriff Dan Presgraves, whom we hope will maintain a good grip on his soap where he's going.)

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