Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quote of the Day

"'Game Change' inadvertently confirms just how many of our top political journalists are Villagers. . .For one thing, Heilemann and Halperin write about the campaign as if they were not active participants in shaping it. . .The media focus on [whether illegal immigrants should have driver's licenses] is precisely what the liberal bloggers gripe about: surely, they insist, our politics does not have to be this trivial. Heilemann and Halperin's response? 'The press always wants a race. The press always loves conflict.' This highlights a problem in the authors' perspective. If they consider themselves part of this press that wants to create a race through their reporting, at the expense of examining the issues, then they share responsibility for trivializing campaigns." -- Boston College political science professor Alan Wolfe, writing in today's WaPo. While Wolfe doesn't have many kind things to say about bloggers, he does credit them with identifying this kind of gossip masquerading as "journalism."

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