Friday, February 5, 2010

"Smart Woman, Foolish Choice"

Ruth Marcus has a review of Jenny Sanford's book "Staying True," that she says could have been titled "Smart Woman, Foolish Choice." Just reading the excerpts, one gets the overwhelming impression that her choice of "Gaucho Mark" Sanford was, indeed, foolish. To put it mildly, the guy was a HUGE douchebag, before and during their marriage. Self-absorbed - check. Insensitive - check. Cruel - check. Stupid - check. Yep, Gaucho Mark is all that and more... or rather less, if we're talking about character. As Marcus notes, this guy makes John Edwards look like a prince.

One can only hope that this rather classy lady does much better for herself in the future. It wouldn't be hard.

(Image: Gaucho Mark, as seen by the Whole World)

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