Friday, March 5, 2010

Shocking News! Rethugs Using Fear to Fundraise!

The "revelation" (via Politico!) that a PowerPoint presentation to Rethug donors in Florida by the Rethug National Committee's Finance Director advising that "fear" and a strong dislike of President Obama were great fund-raising techniques to be directed toward "reactionary" small donors should have come as no surprise to anyone awake during the last, oh, thirty years. Apparently, from the wide-eyed coverage, Villagers are shocked! shocked! at the disdain the RNC held for its base, as well as the shameless, tea-bagging use of offensive caricatures, naked fear-mongering, and simple-minded sloganeering to paint Democrats as the "Evil Empire." They had no idea there was gambling going on in this establishment! (As an aside, as more information becomes available on the right-wing Pentagon shooter, notice how the "mainstream media" refuse to characterize his politics, other than to say "He was anti-government." Yeah, just like Boo Hoo the Hoot Beck.)

Kevin Huffman has a piece in today's Kaplan Daily suggesting how the Rethugs might "retool" their fund-raising technique. Starting with just one positive idea would be helpful.

(Image: Mainstream media looking for a clue)

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