Monday, April 12, 2010

Look Who's Tea'ed Off

We know that teabaggers everywhere will be out in force on April 15 to yell, between the racial epithets, about high Federal taxes -- which went down during the first year of President Obama's term. But it looks like one Rethug politician is declining to join the teabagger rally in Boston that former Alaska half-term Gov. Winky You Betcha will attend: new Senator Scott "Centerfold" Brown. It looks like Centerfold is trying to avoid the nut cases -- including Winky -- that show up at these rallies, with their costumes, bizarre beliefs, and misspelled signs. What better than to convince the voters of Massachusetts that he's a "moderate" Rethug, whatever that is?

We say, good luck, Centerfold. The far right lunatic fringe is swallowing your Party, which is out of ideas and increasingly out of its mind.

(photo: Winky's not happy being snubbed)

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