Thursday, October 7, 2010

Shocking News! Loopy Lou's A Hypocrite!

Hola and move over Mega Noggin Whitman! We have another Rethuglican hypocrite who has railed against hiring illegal immigrants only to be found to have... hired illegal immigrants. It would appear that all the while gasbag Loopy Lou Dobbs was making $6 million a year bashing people who employed illegal immigrants, he had at least 5 illegal immigrants tending to his estate grounds and to his daughter's champion show horsies. Yes, the same Loopy Lou who, night after night from his perch at CNN, bashed the government for letting those Messicans in, bashed businesses for hiring them, and most of all bashed illegal immigrants themselves in his own smug, pompous and, now we know, hypocritical way. So, from now on we can be certain that when Loopy Lou's lips are moving, he's lying.

(Image: Loopy Lou's shocked, shocked to discover illegal immigration in his establishment!)

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