Monday, November 22, 2010

It's Why We Call Them "Rethugs," Cont.

"The Left is angry whenever I teach conservatives the tricks the Left consistently employs against Republicans...The media and the Left are engraged [sic] right now because 'Bristol's Pistols,' as they are calling us, have been creatively and energetically voting for her on a reality TV show. It's what I call 'Voting like a
Democrat' as cartoon under aliases..."
-- Kevin "The Douche" DeJan, wingnut blogger at, on the ballot-box stuffing campaign (via multiple voting thru fake e-mail addresses) to advance Bristol "Baby Momma" Palin and her partner in "Dancing With the Stars." In one powerful, "the rules only apply to other people" confessional, The Douche touches all the Rethug bases: puerility, entitlement, paranoia, moral relativism, ignorance, selfishness and hypocrisy. Congratulations, The Douche!

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