Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Drunken Caller Hired by Daily Caller

Ninny Ginni Thomas, drunken Anita Hill serial caller and wife of Supreme Court mime Clarence Thomas, has been hired as a "special correspondent" by preppy Tucker "*ucker" Carlson's vanity e-rag The Daily Caller. The ethically sketchy Ninny, whose hubby couldn't seem to remember to report her 6-figure income on his financial disclosure form, will no doubt cover a full range of topics, from the astroturf teabag groups she fronts for, to what wine gives you the most courage to call an imaginary girlfriend of your hubby, to uncovering the latest proof that Obama's turning the country into a morally degenerate socialist/ mooslim dictatorship. When she's not making (hic) daily calls for The Daily Caller (hic), that is.

(Image: Lady Libation herself, Ninny Ginni Thomas)

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