Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Easter Dummy

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"Instead of eggs, you're going to look for lost balls in the water hazards"

For the seventh weekend since his inauguration, narcissist and pathological liar Donald "Rump" Trump has descended on his Mar-a-Lago club in West Palm Beach to spend Easter weekend. As is widely known, each trip costs taxpayers an estimated $3 million, putting him on track to spend as much on personal time travel in one year as President Obama did in all eight years of his presidency. That's money that could be spent on worthwhile programs he's cutting. Every time Rump travels to his private club, he also gives it free advertising and boosts interest (memberships now cost double what they did a year ago), again raising familiar conflict of interest charges.

His constant travels to his Florida club also reveal his utter hypocrisy. During the campaign, Rump criticized Obama for taking vacations "when there's so much work to be done," adding:
"You're in the White House. What's better than the White House? Why these vacations?"
Why, indeed.

(cartoon: Paul Noth, The New Yorker)

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