Saturday, April 15, 2017

White House Visitor Log Secrecy -- What Are They Hiding?

Proving once again that the only thing transparent in the regime of Putin puppet Donald "Rump" Trump is their utter lack of ethics, it was announced that the regime will not continue the policy of the Obama Administration of disclosing the names of visitors to the White (Supremacist) House. In announcing the rationale for the decision, the Trumpers cited "grave national security risks" (too late -- he's already in the Oval Office) and "privacy concerns," the grotesque hypocrisy of which has been nicely summarized in this tweet:

The move has prompted at least one watchdog group to file a lawsuit to force the Rump regime to release the White House visitor logs.

We know why they're hiding the information (=cough= Swamp wins =cough=);  right now, we just don't know what specific shenanigans would be revealed.

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