Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Kushner's In Some Hot Borscht [UPDATED]

The report that the son-in-law of unstable bungler Donald "Rump" Trump, Jared "Mr. Ivanka Trump" Kushner, along with disgraced former advisor Michael Flynn, met privately in December with Russian ambassador (and spy recruiter) Sergey Kislyak and Russian bank CEO and Putin ally Sergey Gorkov was strange enough. But further reporting revealed that Kushner asked the Russians to establish a "back channel" communications capability to the Kremlin, and suggested that a secure Russian facility be used for that purpose. It should be noted that Gorkov is the head of a Russian "bank" that is deeply involved with the Russian intelligence service and is under sanctions by the U.S. and its allies. His "bank" could also be a financial "angel" for Rump's business enterprises; that's a string that needs to be pulled.

The FBI is interested in not only the substance of the meeting, but why Kushner felt it important to suggest that the meetings be in a secure Russian facility so that communications couldn't be monitored by U.S. intelligence. The fact that Michael Flynn was accompanying Kushner would also have set off alarms for the FBI, given his dishonesty over his dealings with Russian operatives. And if anyone thinks young master Jared wasn't there at Rump's direction, you don't know how the crime family operates.

Kushner also failed to report on the December meeting on his security clearance forms, adding to the suspicion that this was anything but a friendly "meet and greet" meeting to exchange pleasantries. We suspect the more the FBI investigates, the more "Mr. Ivanka Trump" may have some serious explaining to do.

UPDATE: From a detailed Reuters report on the disturbing Kushner-Kislyak story:
"FBI investigators are examining whether Russians suggested to Kushner or other Trump aides that relaxing economic sanctions would allow Russian banks to offer financing to people with ties to Trump, said the current U.S. law enforcement official." (emphasis added
Follow the money.....


DivaNewYork said...

"Follow the money..." Always.

Hackwhackers said...

It worked in the Watergate scandal, Diva. History repeating?