Sunday, October 15, 2017

Marching Psychiatrists: Trump Must Go

As reports of sociopath Donald "Rump" Trump's mental unraveling increase, a group of about 125 psychiatrists and other mental health professionals marched in Manhattan yesterday to draw attention to the danger he poses and to call for his removal from office. From the linked article:
"We can sense the power of Trump’s underlying fear that he is worthless and weak by how intensely he resists and retaliated against any criticism,” said Cornell University psychologist Harry Segal to the Post. “No matter how minor, he can’t let anything go.”

“We’re actually suffering from his narcissistic personality,” said clinical psychologist Michelle Golland. “He has no empathy. You can feel it, the way he spoke about the San Juan mayor… She has PTSD and our president mistreats her. She is re-victimized. That is a narcissist.”
We've noted previously that mental health professionals have a "duty to warn" others if someone under their care poses a threat to the public. Prior to Rump, mental health professionals have avoided going public with assessments of public officials that they haven't examined, a policy usually referred to as the "Goldwater Rule," after right-wing extremist Barry Goldwater, 1964 Rethuglican candidate for President who threatened nuclear war with Russia. However, Rump's manifest and public symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder and reckless, unstable behavior is causing psychiatrists and mental health experts to speak out, a position recently encouraged by the 3,500 member American Psychoanalytic Association. On October 3, twenty-seven well-respected psychiatrists and mental health experts published a book, "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump," which analyses his impaired mental state as a threat to the nation.

Continually drawing attention to Rump's unfitness for office is an imperative, as he threatens domestic vandalism and division, and wars with North Korea and Iran, even as his spineless Rethuglican enablers and the majority of the Beltway media turn their heads away in denial.

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