Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Junior's Deals Abroad Flout Ethics

Cadet Bone Spurs' spawn, greasy thug Donald Trump, Jr., is the designated flag bearer for his family's corrupt business scams. When he's not urging his father to ignore calls for gun safety, Junior is out touting his family's properties. Today, he's in India to promote his family organization's tacky, overpriced apartments near New Delhi, while engaging in some side-politicking with India's Prime Minister Modi. 

Deluded, wealthy Indians, thinking that the Trump brand is solid and respectable, are being conned into purchasing apartments by Thursday in order to have dinner and "conversation" (i.e., pitch business deals) with the young thug. Junior's presence also has raised questions about the family's pledge not to embark on new projects while Cadet Bone Spurs is in office.
"Several foreign deals touted over the past year by the Trump sons have 'stretched the definition of what ventures were previously in the works,' said Scott H. Amey, general counsel for the non-partisan Project on Government Oversight in Washington. 'The president should be putting the public’s interest before his business interests. That can’t happen if his son is flying around the world trying to trade on the fact that his father is sitting in the oval office.'

This isn’t the first time that President Trump’s sons have raised ethical concerns as they promote their eponymous brand across the world.

Early last year Trump Jr. and his brother Eric opened a Trump-branded golf club in Dubai." (emphasis added)
Enjoy it while you can, Junior, before you're indicted. At the end of the Mueller investigation, we'll likely see that Trump putting his financial interests ahead of the public's interest will answer the question of "what does Moscow have on Trump?"

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donnah said...

Why would business leaders in other countries even let scammer extraordinaire Trump, Jr in to their offices? If they do any research at all, they'll know he's skating on very thin ice and could end up indicted for any number of financial indiscretions. I can't even stand to look at him and his ridiculous ‘80's greased head. Ugh!

I'm also disgusted that this government supposedly for the people has nothing in place legally to prevent Trump and his family from profiting from his many businesses while he's in office, and why he hasn't been forced to reveal his tax returns. If I were a Democrat in the House or the Senate, I'd be busy drafting legislation to prevent this nonsense from ever happening again, and to make it retroactive to go after Trump and his crime family. If the laws are on the books, why aren't they being enforced?

W. Hackwhacker said...

Grease Stain has also reportedly been advising Cadet Bone Spurs not to "go soft" on guns following the Florida massacre. He's a real champ.

There's been a total breakdown in the will to hold the Trump crime family accountable for their growing list of violations, with just enough gray areas in the laws as written to provide minimal cover. A House controlled by Democrats would at least be able to conduct real oversight over these crooks and to tighten up the language of the laws, as you suggest donnah.