Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Tweets Of The Day -- The Trump Regime Encapsulated

"Trump is ours."

"Oh, that $31,000 dining set!"

Treason, lies and venality (just for starters). The Republican Party of Trump.


donnah said...

I'd love to see these stories as headliners on the national evening news, especially the Russian one. That really speaks to the deniers of any contact between Trump and their government.

But Carson and his ridiculous dining room set is also significant not only because he did actually arrange to buy it, but then flat-out lied about it. These modern day idiots keep forgetting that there are hundreds of ways that they are being tracked and recorded. For all his preaching, the Reverend Carson needs to be reminded about the Ten Commandments he keeps breaking.

And for the GOP committee that found no proof of collusion, ffs, admit that you never conducted a legitimate investigation, did not question key players in the story, and wrote everything off in hopes that the Mueller investigation would wrap before midterms without proof. This has to keep going forward. The more this illegitimate party tries to bury evidence and hide facts, the more humiliated and embarrassed they will be. And also imprisoned.

W. Hackwhacker said...

donnah - can't add to that!